Effective Immediately


We are required by the Health Department to rotate Cookie Dough pans every three hours to eliminate food-born illnesses.

Effective immediately, the following procedures must be implemented.

  • During Open preparation, we will no longer take out the large containers of Cookie Dough.  Instead, we will have two sets of pans with all flavors in rotation. 

  • Every three hours, the pans at the Cookie Dough station need to be put back in the refrigerator, and the refrigerated pans will be set out for the next three hours.

  • Make sure to put the lids back on or wrap the pans in plastic when putting them back in the refrigerator.

  • This rotation will continue until close. Throughout the day, if any of the pans contain less than two servings, that pan will be taken off rotation.  The Cookie Dough from the nearly empty pan will be transferred to the other existing pan and a new clean pan must be prepped.  Do not refill or reuse dirty pans.

  • At any given time, there should always be two sets of pans for each flavor in rotation.

  • A timer has been set on the POS for a reminder to switch the Cookie Dough pans every three hours